The cPanel Control Panel was indeed the unquestionable No 1 player amongst website hosting managing user interfaces a few years ago. The moment shared website hosting became popular, the cPanel system couldn’t fit into the new standards and come up to the requirements of the developing website hosting market any more.

The tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel has been made to operate on a cloud hosting hosting setup and can easily promptly be modified when a new functionality is added. It’s a 1–stop website management tool for handling your Internet presence including your domain names, web sites, billing plus your tech support communication.

1. Domain/invoicing/web site tools

The tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel will allow you to quickly manage all of your domain names, e–mail addresses and web sites with just a click of the mouse. That way, you’ll be able to handle every aspect of your web presence from just one interface.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t offer synchronised control over domains and websites. You have one billing panel for your domain names and bills, and another Control Panel for your sites.

2. File Hierarchy

Using the tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain will have its unique folder in the main account directory. This way, all sites are going to be fully insulated from one another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you have just one folder for your main website and all the extra sites are found inside this folder. This makes maintaining many sites from a single user interface really confusing.

3. File Manager

The tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel has a convenient–to–use File Manager, which allows you to publish data files simply by dragging them in the Internet browser. You’ll get instant access to all the features by useful right click context navigation. You can as well make use of back–end code and WYSIWYG editors. All characteristics are simple to access.

The cPanel’s File Manager offers you reduced control of your files and directories. You will have trouble adding numerous files at a time and won’t be able to drag and drop files since this operation is simply not supported. A zip/unarchive function isn’t made available either. File editing applications have also been reduced.

4. Completely free Bonuses

If you are on the lookout to get more for your investment, then the tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel is your solution. It has zero–cost gifts that are likely to cost over a thousand dollars. You will be able to use our Easy Site Installer, 1 Click Applications Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Free Website Creator and you will have access to a big collection of free–of–charge website themes.

Each individual web hosting company providing cPanel decides on its very own exactly what zero–cost bonus features to to use in your hosting deal. Also, since cPanel is a paid Control Panel, the free–of–charge add–ons also need to be paid by the web hosting company. This will undoubtedly raise the cost of your hosting package, so the no–charge extras incorporated in your package will actually be paid for.

5. Control Panel Tool Operational Speeds

The tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel works with our very own Linux shared website hosting packages. It has been designed to work on our set of equipment components and operate with our collection of software tools. This will make it perform faster as compared to virtually any Control Panel solution out there. And it is safer in terms of performance as well.

The cPanel Control Panel is configured on 1000s of web servers, operating on a range of hardware and software configuration setups. However, its worldwide syndication results in significantly sluggish and less protected functionality matched against similar site management tools that have been designed for one platform only.

6. Multi–domain Management

Using the tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel, you will be able to control multiple domains and web sites from just one place. Moving between domain name administration and website administration is done by only going to a new area of the Control Panel. It is not necessary to log into a standalone user interface to handle your site.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep different elements isolated – you will need to control your domains from one web address and your websites from a different one. Each website features its own Control Panel. Handling a number of web sites from a single Control Panel is also possible, but could be rather puzzling simply because all of the extra domain names will be saved in the folder of the main domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

Using the tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel, you are able to quickly browse from one section to a different one by making use of our very useful top navigation bar. It features links to every single part of the Control Panel as well as a quick explanation of what precisely you’re able to do there. In this way, even if you do not know very well what the particular area implies, you’ll have the capacity to fairly quickly become familiar with its features.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all icons on the main page, meaning that it’s not at all tailored to your own demands. Also, as soon as you enter a menu, you can’t easily switch to a different one and will have to return to the homepage alternatively. This type of navigation can be quite bothersome for you, especially if you use lots of Control Panel sections each time you update your web sites.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

Using the tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel, we have designed an all–inclusive demo version for you to have a look in advance of sign–up. You’ll get access to an evaluation Linux shared website hosting packages account where you can set up e–mail accounts, deploy applications, make brand new sub–domains, as well as create a website using one of the website builders, and so forth. Should you like what you have come up with – you can sign up within the demo interface and preserve everything you have come up with so far.

From the demo web hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you can only become familiar with look and feel of the interface. Virtually all capabilities are unavailable and also you cannot in fact get past the main page. With a lot of website hosting vendors, you will be granted ability to access a generic cPanel demo version, and will never be able to see the Control Panel you’ll in fact be working with to control your web sites in case you enroll.

Using the tECHoZONE Solutions Control Panel, handling your websites will be straightforward and pleasant. Simply take a look at tECHoZONE Solutions’s Web Hosting Control Panel demo and discover the available parameters and capabilities to decide on your own.

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